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       Services offered:
  Farm Management 
  • Lease Review and Negotiation-We will analyze the farm assets and current rental agreements. We will help negotiate with local producers to get you the best lease terms possible. We provide a written lease that will be executed and overseen throughout the term of the lease. Lease types include cash rental agreements, crop-share agreements and flex-rent agreements. The types of leases differ from area to area but we will diligently work with you to provide the most beneficial lease agreement for your situation.  
  • Maintenance and Capitol Improvements-When overseeing a farm we may recommend improvements such as land leveling, storage improvements and irrigation improvements. We can provide an analysis to determine if the improvements are economically feasible. If work is approved, we will then help negotiate the work and oversee the job to make sure it is done correctly.  
  • Crop Marketing- Our company subscribes to several marketing services that help us market the commodities produced on the farm. We will utilize basis contracts and forward booking contracts to help you get the best returns possible. 

  • Accounting-    Our professionals keep detailed records of all expenses and income checks. We will work directly with your tax professional to make sure everything is reported correctly.  
  • Reporting-Throughout the year we will send reports updating you of the activities on the farm. We will start with production estimates at the beginning of the year, updates throughout the growing season and a final report outlining the profits once crops have been marketed or cash rents have been paid. 




Forestry Management

  • Timber Cruising- We can examine a tract of timber to determine the value of the timber.
  • Timber Harvesting- We can oversee the harvesting of your timber to ensure a quality job and the most value for your timber. 
  • Management Plans- We can write you a plan to ensure your property is managed properly short term and long term for your goals. 
  • Site Preparation- After clear cutting your timber the best thing to do is reforest your land. The best way to do this is to properly prepare the land. This may include burning, spraying, ripping and bedding along with other things.
  • Tree Planting-Re planting is essential to having sustainable forests and forests for the future.
  • Prescribed Burning- Burning is a great way to keep your property looking clean, helping wildlife and getting rid of unwanted species
  • Tree Farm Certification- Proudly display your forest to the public and let them know that you are properly managing your forests for future generations.
  • Hack and Squirt-Often times you will have unwanted species or will need to create habitat for wildlife. There may not be enough timber to harvest or burn so we can kill the unwanted species with chemicals.
  • Investing in Timber –Timber is a great way to invest for the future.  Managed timberland can help fund your children's education, medical expenses or can fund your retirement.  Investing in timber now could help you financially stabilize your future.  We can also help you create a personal timberland portfolio that can be held in an IRA.  
  • Marking Timber-Often times doing a clear cut is not the right solution for your timber and a select harvest is needed. We can mark the trees to remove and estimate the volumes so we know what kind of value you can expect before the harvest happens.
  • Government Programs-There are several government programs available to landowners to assist with timber management, tree planting and other timber related activities.
  • Consulting-Let us take a look and make scientifically sound suggestions to enhance your existing or new timber stands.





Wildlife Management

  • Wildlife Management Consulting – Do you have a property, but are unsure how to maximize its’ potential? Let us take a look and make scientifically sound suggestions to enhance your deer herd, attract more ducks, or hold more long beards on your property. 
  • Wildlife Management Plans –A step beyond an onsite visit and consultation is the development of a written plan that provides site specific recommendations for your property. Growing large bucks, for example doesn’t happen overnight, but a written plan can provide the guidance needed to reach your goals as efficiently as possible.    

  • Mapping Solutions –It’s always best to know how your farm lays in relation to surrounding farms. Other aspects such as topography help determine where wildlife are most likely to travel and where it’s best to establish your food plots and bedding areas.  
  • Prescribed Burns – Fire is an incredibly beneficial management tool whether in upland native grasses, hardwood forests, or pine timber stands to reduce competition. 
  • Deer Survey – It’s hard to know how to best manage your deer herd until you know an age structure and buck to doe ratios.Let us perform a population survey to help you determine strategies to grow larger deer and establish an overall healthy herd. 
  • Food Plot Establishment – If you need guidance on what to plant or where to place your food plots we can help. We can also take care of your soil sampling and even amend and plant your plots.